Walking through the giants of Mariposa Grove

I have never felt more like a fairy princess than I did during my visit to Mariposa Grove. Giant trees and tiny me. Talk about a cool first taste of Yosemite. Our guide doesn't typically start here when taking groups on the three day trip to Yosemite, because it added an hour of extra driving. … Continue reading Walking through the giants of Mariposa Grove

Getting to Yosemite

This post could be about a lot of things. I could go really deep and talk about how a city-lovin' girl who never showed any interest in camping ended up taking a three day camping trip to Yosemite. Instead though, I just kind of want to reflect on the hours after the decision had been … Continue reading Getting to Yosemite

Urban Hiking

Doesn't "urban hiking" sound way cooler than "walking?" I set out to just do an easy two miles down and back. My mission was to break in my new* hiking shoes, make sure my backpack didn't rub me in weird places requiring extra body glide next week, and practice with the GoPro I'm borrowing. Five … Continue reading Urban Hiking