Urban Hiking

Doesn’t “urban hiking” sound way cooler than “walking?”

I set out to just do an easy two miles down and back. My mission was to break in my new* hiking shoes, make sure my backpack didn’t rub me in weird places requiring extra body glide next week, and practice with the GoPro I’m borrowing. Five miles later- check, check, and double check!

Truthfully, I felt so stupid and self conscious. I’m wearing hiking boots and a backpack at 6am at the beach. Oh and I’m “that girl” with her camera- setting it up, talking to it, and playing around with it.

It is peak tourist season, so most locals avoid the boardwalk and most of the people that might judge me are only in town for a few days anyways. That is one reason why I chose the boardwalk instead of going on an actual hike. I thought there would be less of a chance of me running into people I knew. I was very wrong. I kept running into people up and down the boardwalk! I haven’t seen that many familiar faces on one of my boardwalk runs since Shamrock Training season. Nowhere to hide, just gotta smile and wave!

Even though it was a little embarrassing, I’m so glad I practiced with the GoPro. I had some learning lessons that would have been extra frustrating if I was trying to figure out my technology instead of appreciating and enjoying the beauty of Yosemite. I really want the GoPro to capture my memories, not to be my memories.

When I was heading back I realized the biggest perk of talking a walk…. erm urban hike…and not running was getting to stop and get coffee. I pulled up Yelp to see what was around and stumbled upon the coolest spot- Mosaic Cafe Eatery. I was so impressed to find a restaurant like this at the Oceanfront. Nestled among the dozens of pizza spots, is this cool little Turkish spot! They had more than just Turkish offerings though, definitely enough to appeal to the typical family vacation crowd. Totally made my morning- I can’t wait to go back and try more of their menu!

With a little caffeine in me, I got more bold about my filming on my way home and had more fun doing it.

Successful morning! My backpack didn’t chafe me in weird spots and was comfortable the whole time. My shoes were fantastic with no blisters. I had lots of learning moments, but also captured a few cool moments on my hike. Including a way that I might use the GoPro + Yelp to make some cool local videos in the future. We’ll see!

If that video doesn’t work you can check it out on the Rock.Anne.Run Instagram account here.

Read my five star review on Yelp for Cafe Mosaic here.

*Shoutout to REI. I scored my “lightly worn” hiking shoes at an awesome price from their used gear website. Aside from a few small rocks stuck in the cracks, I wouldn’t have had a clue they were used. I bet someone walked up and down their driveway and decided they weren’t the right fit. No other signs of wear. I was a little sketched out buying “used shoes,” but I’m glad I did!


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