Don’t worry, I tried the tie dye frapp so you don’t have to.

In hindsight, it has been well over a year, maybe longer than two years since I’ve had a frappuccino at Starbucks. I’m really not a huge fan of frozen drinks so I have never been a huge frapp drinker. Maybe this wasn’t the best foodie adventure for me to take on. However, I do love color!

This morning I saw on Instagram that Starbucks released a limited offer – the Tye Dye Frappuccino. The graphic was stunning, I own two tie dye shirts and live within easy walking distance of a Starbucks. I embraced the excuse to wear one of my tie dye shirts and made plans to go before my afternoon meetings.

When I arrived I asked the barista if it was popular and she said that I was only the second person to order one today. There was little mention of the drink in the store, so I guess this wasn’t too surprising. Also, neither barista had tried it so I’m guessing they didn’t really sell it to anyone thinking about ordering it.

So what did I think? Eh, that was fun, but not something I’d enjoy again.

Things never look like the pictures do on the poster, so no I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as magical as the instagram pictures. However, I don’t think my barista did it quite right. I’m seeing other the dye frapp pics on Instagram with way more color. The little splashes of red and blue among the yellow disappeared within about a minute.

The flavor was a very strong, sweet artificial banana flavor. Kind of like banana laffy taffy. Banana happens to be my favorite flavor of laffy taffy! However, taking bites of candy is way different than drinking it. It was fine, but after the first few sips I was kind of over it. I’m good with things that are “too sweet,” but this wasn’t something that I really enjoyed.

Let me know if you tried it what what you thought!


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