I got really excited when I heard that Dinosaurs were coming to Town Center Virginia Beach! I put it on my calendar and was able to schedule a few meetings in the area so I would be able to check it out!

From July 2-14 there are dinosaur displays all around the area and every day they have a “dig tent” with activities for kids and a scavenger hunt map. If you complete the scavenger hunt you get a prize- woohoo free fun!

Since it was just me and I was just checking everything out between meetings at Town Center Cold Pressed I didn’t take on the scavenger hunt challenge. The staff working the dig tent mostly ignored me since I didn’t have kids and I was dressed in a professional outfit- heels included. I must not have looked like I was ready to have a dino-filled adventure! If you go and complete the scavenger hunt- let me know what the prize is!

I had so much fun walking around Town Center finding the different dinosaurs and learning bits of dino-trivia! They have special events for adults too, which unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to check out since I’m getting ready to spend two weeks in California and I have a lot to do before I go!

You can learn all about the Jurassic Journey activities in Town Center here.


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