Wizards Unite!

I had to download this game a few days after it was released. I had a busy week at work on top of November Project’s Hell Week bringing me 5:30am workouts every morning. I didn’t need to add another distraction to my plate. I was definitely counting down until the weekend so I could check it out. I love Harry Potter and I eagerly embrace any opportunity to feel the magic of the HP Universe.

Let’s get this out of the way first: If you play, add me!

I was also really in to Pokemon Go for awhile when that game was first released- they lost me when they started introducing newer generation Pokemon characters. I didn’t know what was worth spending time catching and I didn’t care enough to learn. I do love the idea of playing a game with an augmented reality element. Even if I always play with AR off it is pretty cool having an extra excuse to get out and explore. I also love switching it on long enough to get a quick picture.

This game is so cool! I love how they combined elements of the new Fantastic Beasts’ story and incorporated the story lines and characters we love so much from the original books. It feels harder than Pokemon Go, I’m apparently really bad at tracing a line on the screen and I’m still trying to figure out if using a different “swipe cadence” affects how powerful the spell is.

The reason I’ve already slowed down with how much I play is because of how time consuming it is. The graphics and story line pop-ups just take too long for me. I know I’m only talking about seconds, but seconds add up and the need to follow a specific swipe pattern on my phone takes more focus than Pokemon did. If they would let me skip through some of the animations I would play a lot more.

This is a game I’ll take out when I’m needing to kill time waiting somewhere, but probably not a game I’ll go out of my way to play unless they start allowing me to skip through some of the graphics.


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