I actually ate healthy at May’s!

I adore May’s Parlor. I live just close enough where it is an easy walk to get my favorite treats. Thankfully though, I don’t live too close where it becomes a daily temptation. It is one of my favorite local businesses at the Oceanfront and they always have creative flavors that keep me coming back for more!

I always say I’m going to go for lunch, but I rarely do knowing I’ll have a hard time resisting the treats! Today I needed a little break from phone interviews for my intern position, but couldn’t go too far from home before my next one. Lunch at May’s was the perfect solution!

I ordered a large blackberry basil green tea and their salad of the week. The salad had prosciutto, blackberries, goat cheese, cucumber, chives, and cornbread croutons. It was dressed with a buttermilk herb ranch which was much lighter than it sounded. I loved every single bite!

Now I know I CAN resist the treats and still love what I order!

Check out my 5-Star review for May’s Parlor on Yelp!


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