A Colorful Afternoon in Downtown Norfolk

Pride is easy to find in Hampton Roads! So many local businesses and organizations are hosting promotions and events to celebrate Pride Month. I couldn’t miss out on the fun and I also took the opportunity to support some of my favorite local businesses while I was downtown.

PrideFest was absolutely incredible! There was an absolutely massive turnout which made it a little difficult to see every part of the event and to check out all the participating businesses. I just loved the energy of the event, nothing but love all around! The “mom & dad” hugs everywhere were one of my favorite parts.

Since the lines for food and drinks were super long, I took a little break from PrideFest and headed over to Hummingbird Macarons. Their location at the Pagoda Tearoom was a perfect break from the crowds. I finally got my hands on one of their macaron ice cream sandwiches! It was so good- I’ll have to get their earlier next time though so I will have more flavor choices.

I went back to PrideFest to enjoy some of the music and to check out some more companies after finishing my mid-day sweet treat. It was awesome seeing how many of my favorite local companies were participating in this fantastic event!

As the business booths started packing up before the headliner took the stage, my hunger started to return. Still not wanting to wait in line for food and drink at the festival I decided to grab dinner on Granby street before heading home. I chose Grilled Cheese Bistro, because it is one of my favorites, but also because they are part of HRBOR (Coastal Virginia’s LGBTQ Business Chamber). Seemed like the perfect way to wrap up a day of Pride Downtown.

Such a fun Saturday!


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