Lolly’s – my summer obsession.

I SCREAM ICE CREAM! Or at least that is what Virginia Beach is begging me to say with several new ice cream shops popping up. Lolly’s has totally captured my heart though.

I’ve been a fan since my first few weeks working for Yelp. When I was given the green light to start managing the Yelp Hampton Roads’ social media pages, Lolly’s was one of my first shares! They had a black velvet ice cream for Halloween and I was just so excited to find such a unique treat in Hampton Roads! I had seen stuff like that in bigger cities, but this got me excited to find other new treasures in Hampton Roads!

Aww- my second IG post as @YelpHRVA

I personally supported their kickstarter a few months ago when they announced their plans to open a second location just two miles from my house- yes please! Now their dream, and mine, has become a reality and their second location is now open!

I’m a total fan girl and end up on their Instagram feed frequently to see what flavors they are coming up with. Warning – every new flavor sounds incredible and totally crave-worthy! I fall weak to the temptation more often than I should admit.

Their Oceanfront location is definitely my favorite! It was designed to be the perfect little beach ice cream shop. Not directly on the strip so you can drive there without paying $10 to park, but close enough to feel those summer beach vibes.

Check out my five star review of Lolly’s (Oceanfront) on Yelp.

The factory store, well, anywhere you give me Lolly’s is going to be a five-star location in my eyes. This one doesn’t have the same charm as the Oceanfront one does, but since it is inside, it is definitely a better option for a rainy day. I still choose that location if I’m wanting an ice cream fix near Town Center. I usually visit that location after enjoying an afternoon at Mt. Trashmore.

Check out my five star review of Lolly’s (Town Center Factory Store) on Yelp.


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