Mariner’s International Wine Classic

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a Yelp sponsored event at the Mariners’ Museum! This is a spot that I didn’t really know about until I started working for Yelp, but I have now visited three times just this year. It has always been worth he drive up to Newport News from Virginia Beach! The reason for this adventure was for the Mariner’s International Wine Classic.

I’m pretty basic when it comes to wine, or really that’s true for most alcohol. I never drink in my home and recently I’ve been opting to spend my money and calories on dessert or an appetizer instead of a drink with my meal. To make up for my basic-ness I invited one of my friends who does know and throughly enjoys wine.

They had over 100 different wines for guests to try. My friend gave me all the knowledge I needed as we enjoyed wine tastings around the room. The different tasting tables were each dedicated to a different type of wine. That made it really easy for us to first hit up the tables with the types that I knew I would enjoy. Then my friend continued to enjoy the wine while I enjoyed the experience taking pictures and snapping away.

There was a special tasting set up – for $10 you had to guess which of three wines was the most expensive. (I think they had a classier way of phrasing that.) They were all from the same winery, but one wine was part of the reserve collection, sold for over $200 a bottle. After the winner was announced and the Wine Classic was starting to wrap up we had the opportunity to taste this super high end wine. It was oh so smooth! I don’t think I’ve tasted many wines worth more than $100 a bottle, this was way out of my league and I loved the opportunity to experience it!

It was all around just a fantastic evening. Beautiful setting, delicious wines, and lots of laughter.


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