Hanging out in Toyland- I mean Newport News

I hate going to Newport News, but only because I hate driving and once I am up there I don’t want to leave!

I feel guilty, because I didn’t expect to be “wow-ed” by anything in Newport News. I expected Hampton to be the place on the Peninsula where I wanted to spend my time. I live at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, which makes my drive to Newport News at least an hour. More often than not, I find myself driving straight through Hampton without a second glance and heading straight to Newport News. I just love the direction NN is growing in and the energy surrounding the shift.

Today I got to spend some time in Newport News for a few meetings and I wanted to share 3 cool things I learned while I was there.

  1. The Peninsula Fine Arts Center (PFAC) has a toy exhibit that is pretty freakin cool…but also a little creepy if you think too much about it. Don’t think, just enjoy.

Through September you can go to the PFAC and check out their Toys exhibits. They have art of legos, made out of legos!

They have stuffed animal sculptures… and um… this.

They also have an interactive toys exhibit, built for children, in their main exhibit. Since there were a bunch of kids enjoying this area, I opted to hold off on taking pictures- you’ll have to check this and all the exhibits out for yourself. Admission is only $1!

2. City Center has a farmers market!

Not too much to share about this one that I didn’t cover in my five star review on Yelp- check it out!

3. It’s okay to get a little messy at lunch when it tastes this good!

I went in thinking that today would be the day that I tried the poke side of the menu at Mr. Boil. This is my favorite place to get crawfish in Hampton Roads and I couldn’t resist my standard order once the menu was put in front of me.

Thankfully, they hook you up with a set of gloves so I could chow down and then easily clean up before my next meeting.

Until next time Newport News!


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