Hey NPVB, remember me?

Lots of fear and excuses have kept me from having more of these Wednesday morning pictures at Mt Trashmore. Well, the two mostly go hand in hand, I have the fear so I make the excuse.

It has been MONTHS since I’ve shown up to a November Project (NPVB) workout. Some weeks I had a legit reason for not setting my alarm, but mostly it was just an excuse. There have even been mornings when I wake up, put on my workout clothes and then “get distracted” or “start work early” instead. I’ll see that the workout requests something simple like bringing an apple and then back out, because I don’t have an apple (knowing damn well that that is a poor excuse).

I got myself there this morning though. Those that know me all did a double take when they saw me. I can be a fairly outgoing person, but I’ve never felt like I fit in with athletic types. I totally freeze up and over analyze EVERYTHING.

I’m a marathoner. I’ve lost 20+lbs in the last year. I’ve even been part of the VB fitness community for over three years now, but showing up still feels far out of my comfort zone. 

I’m not promising perfection. I’m not promising every Wednesday. I am promising that I am working on feeling comfortable in my own skin.

This morning I met a new face in Hampton Roads (welcome Taylor!) – she works in a field I am passionate about, lives the remote office life, and also lives in the same part of town. It was a good reminder of what I’ve been missing out on by letting fear keep me in my comfort zone. 

Hell week is next week- it will be my third year showing up for those (free) 5:30am workouts around our wonderful city. Join me?


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