“OMG – have you tried Shake Shack?”

Peer pressure broke me down on this one. The amount of hype that the new Shake Shack has gotten in Virginia Beach is matched only by the hype for IKEA and Wegman’s. I get asked at least three times a week if I have been to Shake Shack yet. Ready to give a different answer besides “I will when the lines die down,” I finally tried it.


Nah, that’s a lie. It was pretty good though. I’ll definitely be returning. The star of the show was unexpectedly their mushroom burger. That thing is loaded with cheese.

I do feel offended that a restaurant with so much hype nationwide has such crappy fries. I guess they know that’s not what people visit them for, but they still have to offer a side.

Anyways- check out my four star review for the new Shake Shack VB on Yelp!


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