VB Strong Community Run

I feel speechless when it comes to the shooting in Virginia Beach. I am rattled and devastated that something so horrific happened in my community. I’ve spent the last few days truly struggling with what to say, not only as Yelp Hampton Roads, but also just as Anne. Since I haven’t made this blog public yet, I debated not even mentioning it on here.

On Wednesday night, the running community joined together for Global Running Day and focused our hearts on healing our community after the tragedy. Funds were raised for the families of those affected, Jerry Frostick of J&A Racing gave a moving speech to unify us, and amazing grace was played on bagpipes. We gathered together and chanted VB Strong and you could feel the unity vibrating between everyone before we took off on the boardwalk.

The love was strong and the energy was powerful. I hate that this happened anywhere, especially in Coastal Virginia. I am so proud of our community’s response though.

We ARE VB Strong.


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