Who needs a dating app when you hang in coffee shops?

I still can’t believe this happened in real life. A handsome man walks into a coffee shop, chooses the seat next to me, and we end up exchanging numbers. I thought meeting people in real life only happened pre-2005 or in the movies. Or maybe just to people more attractive and outgoing than I consider myself to be. It happened to me though.

This is pretty much where the story ends though. While I would love to tell you that he has absolutely swept me off my feet, I have to report that he is really bad at texting and things aren’t really moving along at all. The last of movement might also be me though. It will be awhile before I let my guard down with any man, no matter how handsome he is or how serendipitous our meeting feels.

Still, remembering that encounter at Cafe Stella gives me a little bit of hope that maybe when I am ready I can find someone without going through the hell of dating apps. I love apps, but the idea of a man seeing my picture and making a quick decision to swipe left or right makes me uneasy. That might also just be me not ready to enter into another relationship. I was with the same man for over a decade and we met in college marching band. I don’t even know how to date in 2019. Hopefully, I’ll figure it out if I ever get my heart in a place to allow things to move forward with someone new in my life.

I’m going to call this “my spot” now when I go to Stella (Ghent)

This review is one of the exact reasons why I wanted to start a blog, even though I am always leaving reviews on Yelp. I don’t want to just share some of my experience, I like sharing the full picture.

You can check out my four star review of Cafe Stella (Ghent) on Yelp!


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