Gyro- is it yee-ro or guy-ro?

Gyros are one of those things that I always feel uncomfortable ordering. I’m willing to put money down that it is pronounced “yee-ro” and that is how I pronounce it. However, I know that people feel just as passionately about pronouncing it “guy-ro.” I’ve even heard a few other variations.

Regardless of how you pronounce it, Smartmouth Pilot House introduced me to a new gyro source! It was super tasty!

New York Souvlaki at Smartmouth Pilot House

“The star of their four item menu is the Hercules Gyro. Can’t decide if you want chicken or traditional? You get both with the Hercules!”

Anne F. on Yelp

Let me know how you pronounce this delicious food and check out the rest of my four star review of New York Souvlaki on Yelp!


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