Redwood Smoke Shack is making me love BBQ again!

I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I blog about Redwood Smoke Shack. They have been on my radar for awhile, but I’m really bad about checking out pop-ups. I just don’t plan my foodie adventures very well. I am more of a “I want this now” kinda gal. My cravings definitely control my menu.

I had just published a BBQ issue of The Local Yelp Weekly Newsletter, so it was definitely on my mind. When I saw on Instagram that Redwood was doing a pop up, I almost immediately got in my car and headed that way.

I was not disappointed. Everything was absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to return and try more! I am usually a BBQ 3-4x a year kind of a person, but this spot is going to put BBQ on my craving rotation way more frequently!

Their location officially opens in June and I can’t wait to get some whenever the craving hits!

Read my five star review of Redwood Smoke Shack on Yelp!


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