The largest outdoor office party in Hampton Roads!

It is so weird not having any coworkers- okay- that is a lie. I have coworkers, they are just all over the United States. I easily could have signed up to run the ADP Corporate 5K as part of the charity team, but I decided to sit this one out. I hate evening runs when it is hot outside. Since this race was being held by my absolute favorite race company, J&A Racing, I still showed up ready to have a good time cheering on my friends and teammates.

I am so glad I went! There is no party like a J&A post-race party! The energy is absolutely infectious in the best way possible and it was awesome to cheer everyone on during the final stretch of their race!

I also got to enjoy a wonderful burrito from The Coop. (Check out my five star review of The Coop on Yelp.) I have been wanting to check them out, but this was the first time I had the appetite for such a massive (and delicious) burrito!

During the race I cheered with one of my running “sole sisters,” Tasha! I tried to capture some pictures as I saw my teammates run by. Then I enjoyed the after party with everyone! It was so good to just be present and have the opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and get to know a few new ones!

I absolutely adore every extra detail that J&A Racing adds to their races to make it an enjoyable experience regardless if you are running or spectating. They just keep getting better year after year, providing a premium race experience regardless if it is your first race or if you have lost count of how many you have completed!

Check out all the information for the ADP Corporate 5K by J&A Racing here and save the date when it comes out for next year’s race!


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