What makes a “good” laundromat?

Do you know? Honestly, I don’t since I haven’t been to one in over a decade. It is really hard to leave a review for something you don’t really want to experience in the first place.

There have only been two time periods when I have used laundromats consistently; the first was in 2007 when I traveled the country coast to coast as a member of Spirit of Atlanta (Drum Corps International). The second was in college, but most of the time I ended up just taking my laundry to my boyfriend’s house.

For the last few weeks I noticed my underwear drawer looking less and less full. I was keeping up with my laundry, but I couldn’t find clean underwear! That’s when I realized that my dryer was eating socks, underwear, and more! Then even t-shirts weren’t safe from the clutches of my dryer. YIKES! I’m a renter, so the speed of repairs hasn’t been in my control. All I could do was send my landloard little nudges and continue to use forks to fish out my clothing from inside my dryer. It has been a sad sight.

Finally, the dryer was even sick of getting violated and it completely broke in the middle of a cycle. Not having the space (or patience and desire) to air dry a load of laundry I packed everything up and headed to the closest laundromat.

It got the job done and didn’t cost quite as much as I was expecting. Still, I struggled to write the review not really having any other laundromats to experience.

Check out my three star review of Virginia Beach-32nd St Laundry Land on Yelp and let me know if you think it was a fair review! Then keep your fingers crossed that I don’t have too much longer to wait before my underwear-eating dryer gets fixed (or replaced- the thing is at least 35 years old.)


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