Fast food ramen!

Before I tried Yamachan Ramen and Boba Bola Tea for the first time I had only had ramen at traditional sit down restaurants- well and cup’ o noodles. We actually have some really quality ramen options in Hampton Roads, some places even make their own noodles in house! So when I tried a more “fast food” style restaurant, I was pretty disappointed. I felt bad for the people who didn’t know that there were more quality options.

When Yamachan rebranded as Molly Ramen•Poke•Tea I was skeptical after my “meh” experiences there. I was still willing to give it a shot, because I have had a strong boba obsession recently.

I still haven’t tried their ramen to see if that has improved, but so far I think they are on the right track! The boba has definitely improved, the ordering process is easier, and I have been loving their poke bowls!

Check out my four star review of Molly Ramen•Poke•Tea on Yelp!


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