Something in the Water 2019

The build up to this weekend was absolutely insane. The news and rumors about the festival broke just a few weeks after I started working for Yelp. My hype for the potential was absolutely unmatched, fueled by my energized love for Virginia Beach. I posted about it on Facebook and expected tons and tons of my friends hopping on the hype train with me…. crickets.

Then as 2018 came to an end and the Festival was looking more and more likely to happen, my hype continued! The crickets were replaced by a few whispers of this being a disaster. Unfortunately, the Fyre Festival documentaries were also all over social media around this time. No one wanted VB to be the subject of next failed festival documentary- I get it. SITW was being planned by experienced professionals and lead by one of the most well connected celebrities in the entertainment industry. It wasn’t just a cash grab for him, he was promoting the festival with love and passion for his hometown. I still had faith.

I bought my ticket the day it went on sale. I felt like I couldn’t even celebrate, because of all the negative energy from my local friends on social media. I started to keep my hype to myself, but every now and then voicing my enthusiasm. I mostly took a “they’ll see how great it is going to be” vibe with it. I didn’t need to defend the festival, I knew the festival would defend it’s self and then dazzle.

That’s exactly what it did. It was such an incredible community. It minimized crime during a traditionally destructive weekend in our city. We got some incredible performances by top acts. Even with the festival being rained out one day, the weekend was an absolute success.

I even participated in the beach clean up the morning following the festival. The majority of the trash I was picking up was way older than 2-3 days.

I am so excited for the opportunity to have this annual celebration in Virginia Beach every year.

Read my five star review for Something in the Water on Yelp!


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